Clean without shampoo.

New Wash cleans and conditions hair without the use of damaging detergents, the ingredients that make shampoos foam. Shampoo is the worst thing you can use on your hair. Why? The detergents in shampoo strip your hair of natural, protective oils –– leading to repair measures (aka conditioner) and an overproduction of oil that creates a vicious cycle of washing.

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What everyone is saying

Micaela M, New Wash User

“My hair feels much softer and healthier. I'm never going back to regular shampoo!”

Brittany K, New Wash User

“I'm hooked on New Wash - and never going back to regular shampoo! Trying to convert everyone I know!”

Lauren M, New Wash User

“Cleans, moisturizes, and air dries with volume. I’m sorry, what?! Would definitely recommend!”

Turns out, everyone loves good hair days.